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Emmy Weldon
Assistant Professor of Theatre & Dance

Emmy Weldon is a production designer with over ten years of experience creating scenery and artistic environments for theatre, film, television, commercials, and events. As an educator they are committed to empowering students with the skills they need to transform the world through theatre and design. They approach every design as a form of storytelling and believe every visual element can be used to accentuate the story a design is meant to serve. Emmy is passionate about designing for productions that focus on discussing hard truths, addressing social injustice, and fighting for a future of equity and collective prosperity. They hold an M.F.A. in production design, and technology from Ohio University’s School of Theater. The majority of their productions have been in Chicago but they have also worked on projects in locations across the U.S. and internationally. Their recent show credits include Trial in the Delta: The Murder of Emmett Till (Scenic & Projections Designer), a history play by Collaboraction Theatre; Good Guy with a Gun (Production Designer), a full-length feature film by One Shot Productions; and The Further Misadventures of Martin Hathaway: Shipwrecked Off Heramathea's Cove (Scenic & Projections Designer), a play by ICTF at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

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Social Justice Storytelling
Scenic Design
Projection Design
Production Design for Film and Television
Scenic Painting & Decoration
Business Practices for Arts & Entertainment