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Honors Program

Outstanding students with intellectual initiative and the desire to pursue academic achievement beyond standard coursework have the opportunity to broaden and deepen knowledge in selected major fields through the honors program. To qualify, a student should have at least a 3.30 cumulative grade point average, 18 or more units completed and, excluding coursework primarily for first-year students, 3.5 or more units completed with distinction in the major field.

Students electing to fulfill requirements for the honors program in the Department of Theatre and Dance must designate at least two units of honors credit through a combination of upper-level courses. This will require the student to do additional work over and above the normal requirements of the course. In addition, the student also must take Honors Thesis Preparation (THTR-380) and Honors Performance/Thesis (THTR-481). The student must have attained a departmental GPA of 3.30 by the beginning of the fall semester of the senior year. The student also must maintain that GPA through the completion of the program and an overall GPA of no less than 3.0 while in the program. Students should declare their intention to seek honors and meet with the honors coordinator in their sophomore year. Students who have not declared by the second semester of their junior year are disqualified from further honors consideration. Those who have declared that they are seeking honors will be considered candidates until they fail to meet one of the program's requirements. Successful completion of an honors program is shown on the student's permanent academic record and on the diploma.